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Ocean's Eleven - Recruiting Basher Ocean's Eleven (2001) Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr. Menu. Movies . Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. TV Shows. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Ocean's 11 and how Danny Ocean is showing off his fantastic abilities as a leader, using Legitimate and expert power. Featuring Don Cheadle as Basher and B..

Ocean's Eleven ist ein Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2001 von Steven Soderbergh. Er ist eine Neuverfilmung des Films Frankie und seine Spießgesellen von 1960, der unter der Regie von Lewis Milestone entstand und im englischsprachigen Original auch Ocean's Eleven heißt. Der Film gehört zum Genre der Heist-Movies Now Cheadle seems to have conquered his fear of ridicule, displaying a hilarious Cockney accent as Basher, a British explosives expert in Ocean's Eleven, his third film with director Steven. A gentleman-thief from New York City, who is the ringleader and idea man of the crew that robs three casinos in Ocean's Eleven, a Fabergé egg in Ocean's Twelve and award diamonds in Ocean's Thirteen, in addition to conning a businessman into losing millions of dollars on the opening night of his new casino Ocean's Eleven Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia u.v.m Ocean's Eleven bietet Skippertrainings in kleinen Crews, Segeltrainings für Frauen, SKS-Prüfungstörns, SKS-Vorbereitungstörns, SSS- Törns, Paar-Skippertrainings und viele weitere spannende Segeltörns zum Mitsegeln an. Dazu auch die theoretische Ausbildung des SKS und SBF See

Ocean's Eleven (2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Ocean's Eleven features an ensemble cast, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy García, Bernie Mac and Julia Roberts. The story follows friends Danny Ocean (Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Pitt), who plan a heist of $160 million from casino owner Terry Benedict (García), the lover of Ocean's ex-wife Tess (Roberts) Directed by Steven Soderbergh. With George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon. Danny Ocean and his ten accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously

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  1. Ocean's 11 Satya Varaganti Working at CVR College of Engineering. Follow 5 Comments 1 Like Statistics Basher: That poxy democrew havent used acoaxial feed to battenthe main line, havethey? Instead theyvegone and nosed up thebackup grid, nosed itright up!Reuben: Do youunderstand any of this?Livingston: Ill explainlater. 9. When the plan is put in motion, Ocean goes to the Bellagio inorder.
  2. Reuben Tishkoff is a flamboyant business kingpin and also an old school business tycoon who gets muscled out of his Vegas hotel by Terry Benedict, which is the reason he finances the expensive casino-caper that Danny Ocean leads. In Ocean's Thirteen, Reuben is forced out of a partnership by Willy Bank, leading to a breakdown that triggers a heart attack that lands Reuben in hospital and in a.
  3. Ocean's 11. Ocean's Eleven. USA, 2001. Film Komödie Krimi. Ein charismatischer Gauner plant den raffiniertesten Casino-Raub der Geschichte. facebook facebookMessenger whatsapp twitter mail pocket. Min. 116. Start 12/07/2001. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) lässt nichts anbrennen. Vor nicht einmal 24 Stunden ist der charismatische Gauner auf Bewährung aus dem Gefängnis in New Jersey entlassen.
  4. Basher Tarr Personality Statistics. Basher Tarr is a character from Ocean's 11. This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical Which Character Personality Quiz.People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they know
  5. Ocean's Eleven (2001) Danny Ocean wird nach vier Jahren Haft, die er wegen Diebstahls verbüßte, auf Bewährung entlassen
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  7. Turk Malloy is an American recruited for Ocean's crew as a getaway driver for the Benedict Job.With an expertise in driving, he and his brother Virgil handled tasks dealing with specialized operation of automobiles like remote-controlled or over-sized vehicles. After the Benedict Job, he received an ultimatum from Terry Benedict at Virgil's wedding dinner

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Featuring an all-star ensemble cast, Ocean's 11 follows the ingenious plot of Danny Ocean to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously, all of which belong to casino tycoon Terry Benedict. To complete this task, Danny recruits eleven criminal masterminds to assist in this heist, all of whom bring their own specialties to the table Ocean's Eleven. HD. Originaltitel: Ocean's Eleven Thrillerkomödie, USA 2001, 112 min., ab 12 Jahren (Linus Caldwell), Don Cheadle (Basher Tarr), Laurent Schwaar (Maitre D'), Scott Caan (Turk Malloy), Andy García (Terry Benedict), Carl Reiner (Paul Bloom), David Sontag (Plainclothes Goon #1), Julia Roberts (Tess Ocean), Eddie Jemison (Livingston Dell), Elliott Gould (Reuben Tishkoff. Ocean's Eleven is an American caper film. It is directed by Steven Soderbergh and produced by the late Jerry Weintraub.A reboot of the 1960 film, Ocean's 11, it is the first in a series of three films and is followed by Ocean's Twelve and then Ocean's Thirteen.It premiered in the United States on December 7, 2001. The film follows the main protagonist Danny Ocean and his crew of eleven. Ocean's 12 (Originaltitel: Ocean's Twelve) ist ein Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2004 von Steven Soderbergh und die Fortsetzung seines Films Ocean's Eleven aus dem Jahr 2001.Die Besetzung aus dem ersten Teil wurde übernommen und um weitere bekannte Darsteller ergänzt. Der Film gehört zum Genre der Heist-Movies.Im Jahr 2007 folgte der dritte Teil Ocean's 1

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Ocean's Eleven ou L'Inconnu de Las Vegas au Québec est un film américain réalisé par Steven Soderbergh, sorti en 2001.Il s'agit d'un remake de L'Inconnu de Las Vegas (Ocean's Eleven) de Lewis Milestone sorti en 1960, dans lequel joue notamment Frank Sinatra.Le film est une distribution d'ensemble avec George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle, Andy García, Julia. I'm assuming he means: broke: something to cut out the power so that it can't be easily fixed, like when their systems go down blind: no lights, no surveillance bedlam: something that would make bedlam, i.e. that would make things a little crazy.. Ocean's 11 - Basher Tarr (GC198EA) was created by JaLA good time (adopted by FailedApparatus) on 2/9/2008. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 1. It's located in North Carolina, United States.Ocean's 11 - Basher Tarr This is one cache in a series based on one of our favorite movies: Ocean's 11. Danny: Second.

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Nachfolger →. Ocean's 8. Die drei Hauptdarsteller Brad Pitt, Matt Damon und George Clooney (v. l. n. r.) Ocean's 13 (Originaltitel: Ocean's Thirteen) ist ein Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2007 von Steven Soderbergh. Er ist die Fortsetzung der Filme Ocean's Eleven von 2001 und Ocean's 12 von 2004 In Ocean's 11, Saul's role was to impersonate as an arms dealer, and named himself Lyman Zerga for the job. He was to oversee that his suitcase containing some of the objects to be transported to the vault of the Bellagio for Yen to arm explosives for blowing it up. He later faked an illness to draw the security personnel away from the monitors to allow Livingston to swap in a video tape of. Ocean's est une série de films américains.Les trois premiers sont réalisés par Steven Soderbergh, avec en tête d'affiche George Clooney (Danny Ocean), Brad Pitt (Rusty Ryan) et Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell). Le premier film, Ocean's Eleven (2001), est un remake de L'Inconnu de Las Vegas (1960). Il est suivi de Ocean's Twelve en 2004 et Ocean's Thirteen en 2007

Fan Casting Oceans 11 Reboot by Lewis Milestone. Story added by iamanerd on October 25, 2018. Dapper Danny Ocean is a man of action. Less than 24 hours into his parole from a New Jersey penitentiary, the wry, charismatic thief is already rolling out his next plan. Following three rules: Don't hurt anybody, don't steal from anyone who doesn't deserve it, and play the game like you've got. As Basher Tarr, Don Cheadle - who is American - affected a Cockney (British) accent for this film. Critics slammed him for his accent, and Cheadle himself admitted that it was not very good. In the following two Oceans sequels, Basher talks about the importance of a good fake accent with Tess (Julia Roberts), and is ultimately seen reading a book on speech and diction, using it to later. Ocean's Eleven ist ein Kriminalfilm aus dem Jahr 2001 von Steven Soderbergh mit George Clooney, Brad Pitt und Andy Garcia. In Steven Soderbergs Remake von Oceans Eleven schart George Clooney zehn.

Director Steven Soderbergh's 2001 remake of Ocean's Eleven. As far as I am concerned, and I believe many agree, this is one of the finest heist films in Hollywoo Anti-Hero: The main lead of the film trilogy, but he is still a criminal.However, he mostly robs ruthless wealthy people who deserve it.; Big Brother Instinct: As told in Ocean's Eight, he had this for his sister, having previously told the rest of the Eleven that while Debbie's planned con was brilliant, he didn't want her to go through with it because he didn't want her to go back to prison 11.10.2020, 09:00 Uhr Als unschlagbares Team raubten die Ocean's Eleven vor 19 Jahren das Bellagio-Casino in Las Vegas aus, zumindest auf den Kinoleinwänden. Nun, ihr müsst im Team ja. Oceans 11, I come with the basher I don't waste time on expensive-ass fabrics Bitch, I'm too dirty to worry about fashion Fruits of my labor get spent on my passion Check at the bank with my.

Ocean's Eleven (2001) Crime clip with quote Basher? Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip Ocean's Eleven Plot. The ever-so-charming Daniel Ocean is released from prison, following which, the first thing he does is violating his parole by visiting his pal, Rusty Ryan, in California. They discuss the possibility of robbing the vault that holds the cash of the casinos - Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand, which are all owned by Terry Benedict, the boyfriend of Danny's wife.

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This is the story of a crew of expert thieves as they prepare and execute multiple very difficult heists across several movies. It's called Ocean's Eleven because the leader's name is Danny Ocean, and there are eleven of them (initially).. Originally a remake of the 1960 film Ocean's 11 starring Frank Sinatra and his friends from the Rat Pack, it went on to displace the original and spawn two. Movies: Ocean's 11 fanfiction archive with over 399 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Linus and Basher, Saul were arrested. Left alone with a plan that needed the team, what's Turk supposed to do? Sorry this is so short! Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,202 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 4 - Published: 9/24/2017.

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  1. Oceans Eleven Trailer Deutsch German (2001) Danny Ocean lässt nichts anbrennen. Vor nicht einmal 24 Stunden ist der charismatische Gauner auf Bewährung aus dem Gefängnis in New Jersey entlassen worden, und schon plant er seinen nächsten Coup. Trailer zu Gauner-Comedy Oceans Eleven.Inhalt: Danny Ocean lässt nichts anbrennen
  2. g it up as Fender Roads (an expy of Evel Knievel): This is HEAVY BIKE! Fender Roads is a— (pretends to play patriotic music on a flute) I'M A GODDAMN AMERICAN ICON! (salute) This brief exchange between Virgil and Turk as they're hacking Bank's computer during Basher's distraction to modify the files of Ocean's gang
  3. g sur Netflix, Canal+. Il est également possible de louer Ocean's Eleven sur Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Rakuten TV, Canal VOD, Bbox VOD, Orange VOD, Filmo TV, YouTube en ligne ou de le télécharger sur Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Rakuten TV, Canal VOD, Orange VOD, Microsoft Store, Filmo TV, YouTube
  4. 16 Don Cheadle Asked Not to be Credited on Ocean's 11. The ensemble cast of Ocean's Eleven brought together some of the biggest stars of Hollywood at the time. Known for his work in Devil in a Blue Dress, A Lesson Before Dying, and Traffic, Cheadle expanded his acting credits to include the comedic role as Basher Tarr in this film. Although he played one of the main members of the Ocean's.

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Dapper Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is a man of action. Less than 24 hours into his parole from a New Jersey penitentiary, the wry, charismatic thief is already rolling out his next plan Basher: See, when a nuclear weapon detonates it unleashes an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down any power source within its blast radius. Now that tends not to matter in most cases because a nuclear weapon usually destroys everything you might need power for anyway. A pinch creates a similar electromagnetic pulse, but without the fuss of mass destruction and death. So instead of Hiroshima. When Ocean's 11 came out in 2001, it was the absolute epitome of cool.A bunch of non-violent buddies in slick suits robbing a casino with nothing but cleverness and a few gadgets while bantering.

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  1. Ocean's Thirteen (also written as Ocean's 13) is a 2007 American heist comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh.It is the third installment in the Ocean's franchise, the sequel to Ocean's Twelve (2004), and the final film in the Ocean's Trilogy. All the male cast members reprise their roles from the previous installments, with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin joining the cast, but neither Julia.
  2. Ocean's Eleven. Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt, l.) und Danny Ocean (George Clooney) beobachten ihren Komplizen bei seinem Training in einem nachgebauten Tresorraum. Im Casinohotel Bellagio will Danny Ocean (George Clooney) den Tresor ausrauben. Mithilfe seiner Komplizen späht er das Casino aus und prüft vor allem die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen
  3. Ocean's 13. Reuben Tishkoff, einer von Danny Oceans ursprünglichen Elf, wird von Kasinobesitzer Banks übel über den Tisch gezogen. Das nimmt den alten Haudegen so sehr mit, dass er sogar einen.
  4. Since Ocean's 11, Clooney has A lot of people might forget that Don Cheadle played explosives expert Basher Tarr in Ocean's Eleven. It was apparently a role that even Cheadle felt was too good.
  5. Ocean's Eleven. FSK 12 Filmstart: 10.01.2002 Laufzeit: 116 Min. FILMHANDLUNG. Remake des Rat-Pack-Klassikers Frankie und seine Spießgesellen, in dem zwölf Gauner drei Vegas-Casinos um 150 Millionen Dollar erleichtern wollen. Nur 24 Stunden nach seiner Gefängnisentlassung auf Bewährung plant der charmante Gentleman-Gauner Danny Ocean (George Clooney) bereits seinen nächsten Coup. Er.
  6. Ocean's Eleven Quotes. Tess Ocean: Terry, you of all people should know, in your hotel, there's always someone watching. Rusty Ryan: That's right Topher. Danny Ocean: Cut the rope. Basher Tarr.

Ocean's Eleven - Gaunerkomödie im TV Programm - Sky COMEDY, 24.02.2021. Frisch aus dem Knast entlassen, plant Danny Ocean (George Clooney; mit Fernsehprogram Ocean's Eleven - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | cinema.d

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Ocean's Thirteen Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon u.v.m Ocean's Thirteen / AT: Ocean's 13. Ocean's Thirteen ist ein Caper-Krimi aus dem Jahr 2007 von Steven Soderbergh mit George Clooney, Brad Pitt und Matt Damon. Ocean's Thirteen ist der letzte Teil. Ocean's Eleven (Actionfilm) USA/2001 am 22.04.2021 um 02:10 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Ocean's Eleven (Actionfilm) USA/2001 am 06.05.2021 um 20:15 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Ocean's Eleven improves on 1960's Rat Pack original with supernova casting, a slickly updated plot, and Steven Soderbergh's graceful touch behind the camera. Soderbergh reportedly relished the opportunity to make a movie that has no desire except t more » More Ocean's Eleven quotes » Collection Edit Buy. Basher: It will be nice working with proper villains again! Rate this quote: (0.00.

Crossword Clue The crossword clue Basher Tarr portrayer in 'Ocean's Eleven' with 10 letters was last seen on the February 25, 2016.We think the likely answer to this clue is DONCHEADLE.Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer Danny Ocean lässt nichts anbrennen. Vor nicht einmal 24 Stunden ist der charismatische Gauner auf Bewährung aus dem Gefängnis in New Jersey entlassen worden, und schon plant er seinen nächsten Coup. Dabei befolgt er drei Regeln: Es fließt kein Blut; niemand wird beklaut, der es nicht auch verdient hat; und spiel deinen Einsatz, als ob du nichts zu verlieren hast. Nach diesem Motto.

11. Ocean's 11 was one of the first films that needed a re-edit because of the then-recent 9/11 attacks. In the initial edit, developers demolish the New York, New York casino (with its hotel. Basher: Your presence is annoying but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me. incorrect ocean's ocean's 11 ocean's 12 ocean's 13 ocean's eleven ocean's thirteen ocean's twelve basher tarr linus cladwel From the illustrator who showed the periodic table in a whole new light and gave us his fresh spin on physics, biology, astronomy, rocks and minerals, planet earth and chemistry, comes Basher Science: Oceans, Making Waves! created and illustrated by Simon Basher and written by Dan Green to give us a look into our magical and mysterious oceans Simon Basher. Buch (Taschenbuch) 11,99 € Basher Science: Oceans: Making Waves! von Simon Basher. Basher Science: Oceans: Making Waves! Simon Basher. Buch (Taschenbuch) 9,39 € How to Draw 101 Dolphins von Dan Gree

  1. This is compiled via IMDB's trivia pages for the three movies [1,2,3], answer to In Ocean's Eleven, what does Rusty's famous line mean -- the one with jargon about who would be needed on a team?, and these two random blog posts I found [4,5]. Ocea..
  2. Ocean's Eleven Organizational Behavior 1. Click to edit Master title style Click to edit Master subtitle style 2. Introduction: •After being released from jail, Danny Ocean organized and leaded a team of 10 other individuals with different specialties to rob the vault that holds more than $150 million for three casinos owned by Terry Benedict in Las Vegas. • This presentation looks at how.
  3. Ocean's Thirteen (also written as Ocean's 13) is a 2007 American heist comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh.It is the third and final film in the Ocean's Trilogy, following 2004's Ocean's Twelve.All the male cast members reprise their roles from the previous installments, but neither Julia Roberts nor Catherine Zeta-Jones returns. Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin join the cast as the characters.
  4. takomedia, joka sai ensi-iltansa vuonna 2001.Elokuva pohjautuu vuonna 1960 valmistuneeseen Kovat kaverit-elokuvaan (engl. Ocean's Eleven), jonka ohjasi Lewis Milestone.. Elokuvassa vankilasta juuri vapautuneen Danny Oceanin (George Clooney) johtama 11 miehestä koostuva ryhmä.
  5. Ocean's Eleven (2001) quotes 90 total quotes. Basher Tarr Danny Ocean Frank Catton Linus Caldwell Livingston Dell. Other Reuben Tishkoff Rusty Ryan Saul Bloom Terry Benedict Tess Ocean. View Quote Bartender: [over the noise in the background] How's the game going? Rusty: Longest hour of my life. Bartender: [not hearing him] What? Rusty: I'm running away with your wife. Bartender: Great! [grins.

Ocean's Eleven - Fate il vostro gioco (Ocean's Basher porta lo strizza e accendendolo innesca un blackout che manda nel buio l'intera Las Vegas per trenta secondi, consentendo a Linus e Danny di raggiungere la porta della cassaforte e piazzare gli esplosivi. Yen intanto è uscito dal carrello che in precedenza i fratelli Malloy hanno spacciato per denaro contante, facendolo entrare senza. Voila! Finally, the Ocean's 11 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, etc. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ocean's 11. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you.

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Si tratta, nell'occasione, di 163 milioni di dollari. È a questi che mira Ocean, uscito di prigione. Organizza il colpo insieme a un suo amico. Vengono reclutati specialisti in ogni campo, i più bravi. I Casinò appartengono a un unico proprietario, certo Tony Benedict, straorganizzato e, al caso, crudelissimo. Veniamo anche a sapere che Tess, ex moglie di Ocean (ma lui è sempre. Ocean's 11 are possesive of Turk; Team 5-0 are possesive of Danno; more tags to be added later; Background - Freeform ; Undercover; russian mob; Summary. For years, Turk's worked hard to keep his past a secret and his present hidden. Danny Williams is a cop. Turk Malloy is a thief. As years past, the differences begin to blend together until they are nothing but one person. Language: English.

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Ocean's Eleven improves on 1960's Rat Pack original with supernova casting, a slickly updated plot, and Steven Soderbergh's graceful touch behind the camera. Soderbergh reportedly relished the opportunity to make a movie that has no desire except to give pleasure from beginning to end, and he succeeds on those terms, blessed by the casting of George Clooney as Danny Ocean, the title role. Ocean s Eleven (2001) Steven Soderberghs Ocean's Eleven ist Film als perfekte kleine Maschine. Geräuschlos und wie geschmiert schnurrt er voran, ein Rädchen greift ins andere, kein Meter Zelluloid wird an Überflüssiges verschwendet. Die Darsteller bewegen sich behende auf den vom Plot klar vorgezeichneten Linien, die Kamera ist dynamisch. When Ocean's 11 hit the screens in 2001 it was an epic sequel from its previous ones. The film depicts a group of smart buddies who steal a casino with their cool gadgets and without any violence. Wish they could gang up with this cool gangster which was every fan's dream. Remembering these Don Cheadle stated in a recent talk show that: I'm in the trailer with a speech coach going. Ocean's Twelve is a 2004 American heist comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The second installment of the Ocean's franchise and the sequel to Ocean's Eleven (2001), the film stars an ensemble cast consisting of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Andy García, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, and Bernie Mac. The film was released in the United States on December 10.

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  1. Danny Ocean lässt nichts anbrennen. Vor nicht einmal 24 Stunden ist der charismatische Gauner auf Bewährung aus dem Gefängnis in New Jersey entlassen worden, und schon plant er seinen nächsten Coup. Dabei befolgt er drei Regeln: Es fließt kein Blut; niemand wird beklaut, der es nicht auch verdient hat; spiel deinen Einsatz, als ob du nichts zu verlieren hast
  2. Ocean's 8 (2018) (12) John Wick (Movies) (2) White Collar (TV 2009) (2) Supernatural (1) Pushing Daisies (1) Boston Legal (1) Star Wars Original Trilogy (1) The Lord of the Rings RPF (1) Girlfight (2000) (1) Include Characters Rusty Ryan (190) Danny Ocean (188) Linus Caldwell (48) Tess Ocean (43) Basher Tarr (26) Reuben Tishkoff (18) Saul Bloom.
  3. Serious pianists sometimes pound out a little honky-tonk, just for fun. That's like what Steven Soderbergh is doing in Ocean's Eleven. This is a standard genre picture, a remake of the 1960 Frank Sinatra caper, and Soderbergh, who usually aims higher, does it as a sort of lark. It's slick, all right: directors this good don't usually handle material this routine
  4. 《瞞天過海》(英語: Ocean's Eleven )是一部2001 年的電影,由史蒂芬·索德柏(Steven Soderbergh)導演,喬治·克隆尼、布萊德·彼特、麥特·戴蒙、埃利奧特·古爾德、凱西·艾佛列克、史考特·肯恩、唐·奇鐸、伯尼·麥克、安迪·賈西亞以及茱莉亞·羅勃茲主演。這部影片於2004年推出續集《瞞天過海2.
  5. Danny Ocean [HR] Martin Umbach: Brad Pitt: Rusty Ryan [HR] Tobias Meister: Matt Damon: Linus Caldwell [HR] Matthias Hinze: Don Cheadle: Basher Tarr [HR] Dietmar Wunder: Andy Garcia: Terry Benedict [HR] Stephan Schwartz: Julia Roberts: Tess Ocean [HR] Daniela Hoffmann: Elliott Gould: Reuben Tishkoff [NR] Roland Hemm
  6. d, Daniel Ocean (Clooney), begins assembling his crew

Ocean's Eleven overview. Ocean's Eleven. Overview; More like this; Sky Greats HD. A criminal dream team tries to pull off the greatest robbery in Las Vegas history. Caper with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Strong language/flashing images. 2001. 111.78333333333333 min. Cast. Scott Caan Turk Malloy. Lennox Lewis Himself. Brad Pitt Rusty Ryan. Elliott Gould Reuben Tishkoff. Andy. 09.11.2007: Film 66 %. Danny Ocean (GEORGE CLOONEY) lässt nichts anbrennen. Vor nicht einmal 24 Stunden ist der charismatische Gauner auf Bewährung aus dem Gefängnis in New Jersey entlassen. Ocean's Eleven. Niveau. Spass. Spannung. Action. Gaunerkomödie, USA 2001 Brad Pitt ist der Meisterdieb. Matt Damon spielt den Nachwuchsgauner. Don Cheadle den Explosionsexperten. Casey Affleck und Scott Caan sind für die Fluchtautos zuständig. Bernie Mac ist der Insider an den Spieltischen. Eddie Jameson ist der Computerexperte. Shaobo Qin kommt mit seinen Körperverrenkungskünsten durch. Ocean's Eleven. 09.12.2010 | 11:41 VOX Starkino am Do, 09.12. um 20:15 Uhr . Danny Ocean ist ein Gauner und Dieb - aber ein äußerst charmanter. Wenn er seinem Handwerk nachgeht, gelten für ihn drei goldene Regeln: Es fließt kein Blut; niemand wird beklaut, der es nicht auch verdient hat, beklaut zu werden; spiel deinen Einsatz immer so, als ob du nichts zu verlieren hättest..

Ocean's Twelve is een Amerikaanse komische kraakfilm uit 2004 van de Amerikaanse regisseur Steven Soderbergh.Het is een vervolg op de film Ocean's Eleven uit 2001, die eveneens werd geregisseerd door Soderbergh.. De film werd uitgebracht door Warner Brothers.De Amerikaanse première was op 10 december 2004, de Nederlandse première volgde op 16 december.. Ocean's Eleven. Film, Actionfilm, USA 2001; Sky Cinema Thriller HD Mi., 27.01.2021 08:05. Apple Kalender ; Google Kalender (Online) Outlook Kalender; Noch gar nicht richtig aus dem Knast raus, hat der Edel-Gauner Danny Ocean schon einen neuen Coup ausbaldowert. Er will in Las Vegas die Tresore von Terry Benedict knacken, dem drei Casinos gehören und der ihm seine Ex-Frau Tess ausgespannt hat. Ocean's Twelve may have dropped out of the top five, but it is still going strong with $4.5 million on 1400 screens in 35 markets for an international box office of $225.8 million so far. No new openings means the heist film had to rely on holdovers likes its $2.5 million during its third weekend in the U.K. and $1.4 million during its fifth week of release in Japan, finishing second in both. From the movie Ocean's Thirteen - Basher (Don Cheadle) is sent in to distract Willy Bank (Al Pacino) while Virgil (Casey Affleck) and Turk (Scott Caan) hack into the FBI database Großes Repertoire an Stimmen aus Film & Fernsehen. Buchen Sie Synchronsprecher aus Ocean's Eleven. Jetzt Sprecher nach Filmen entdecken

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Ocean's Eleven (Gaunerkomödie) USA/2001 am 10.10.2019 um 02:10 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Jul 21, 2017 - Ocean's Eleven DVD screen capture, 2001. Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr In the 2001 version of Oceans Eleven and the subsequent films, Twelve and Thirteen, a lot of references are made to cons with names. For example: Aretha Franklin Looky Lou Bundle of joy Lost i

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